The working and preparation of reeds

The working and preparation of reeds
12 November 2018 Danzi Reeds
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The working of reeds

All bassoon reeds are worked and profiled with the Rieger Machine, a gift from M° Marco Lugaresi, a bassoon soloist, to M° Ovidio Danzi. The pantograph of the profiler was entirely hand-worked by M° Danzi, with only the use of a file. All of the pantographs in the laboratory were hand-refined by M° Danzi himself. They are exclusive and unique.

Preparation of the woods

Every stage in the processing of wood for bassoon are performed dry.
For the processing of Reeds for bassoon, the hardened woods are put to soak in water for 20-30 minutes at most. The soaking time should not exceed the time of 30 minutes, otherwise the risk is that you lose the present cellulose in the wood fibers and, consequently, the elasticity of the material.

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