Reeds for Saxofono contralto Model Z2 – 10pcs box

Reeds for Saxofono contralto Model Z2 – 10pcs box

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Model Z-2 is a professional reed with easy execution and the sound is dark in its complete range.
Every reed last longer and the tip strength is a bit harder. This slows down the response of the reed and makes the reed a bit darker in timbre. The sound is rich in colors and harmonics.

The box contains 10 pcs.

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The reeds for saxofono contralto are crafted and selected in Milan in Danzi laboratory.
DanziReeds reeds come from organic tubes. The material with which they are created is imported from France, it is a seasoned bamboo wood, it is not added in the soil or on the plant no chemical additive.
We guarantee that a box of 10 reeds can have the duration of two or three months and that all reeds play.

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