Reed for English Horn

Reed for English Horn

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N°1 Reed for English Horn.

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The English Horn

The English horn is a musical wind instrument double-reed and conical cane. It is used not only in orchestral as well as bandistico tool. It is an alto oboe, whose extension is a perfect fifth below that dell’oboe.Come the oboe, English horn is also a difficult instrument to play, for the ability to “breath” requirement and the difficulty of maintaining proper embouchure, although compared oboe, English horn possesses wider reed that facilitates the emission of sound.

Was used by the famous master Gioacchino Rossini in the William Tell Overture, good listening: = Rg5Pc7LDwYg

The laboratory

The laboratory Danzi sas was founded by the great professionalism of the Danzi Master (1st bassoon orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan) creating reeds, for bassoon, oboe and clarinet in b, and processing of logs for the reeds at the professional level. The Danzi teacher was the first professional musician of great level to create reeds and highly qualified field materials.