Clarinet Reeds in Si b Model D2 – Box 5 pcs

Clarinet Reeds in Si b Model D2 – Box 5 pcs

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Clarinet Reeds Professional in Si b mod. “D1” – Box 5 pcs. Brilliant clear sound.

The D1 model consists of a particular reed, and the emission is particularly controlled and very professional. Its harmonic beauty reaches its peak after two or three days, and when the sound stabilizes it is very durable.

Ours reeds are from organic Tubes.


These reeds are suitable for all Vandoren mouthpieces, for all Pomarico crystal mouthpieces and for the Licostini mouthpieces model RG – LN – RS – G5H – F5 – MM).
These reeds are suitable for all closed mouthpieces.

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Reeds Clarinet box

Reeds Clarinet box in SIb are shaped reeds, selected with great care and professionaly processing inside and outside.
Reeds Clarinet box have full-bodied pleasant-sounding and very versatile sound.

Brilliant clear sound.

Box 5 pieces. Ours reeds are from organic Tubes.


Clarinet in SIb is a Wind reed instrument simple swing, on their mouthpiece, whose firm “Danzi” it is the builder. Clarinet in Bb is an instrument belonging to the woodwind family. His sound is a sweet sound, penetrating and pleasant.

Clarinet in SIb is a versatile tool whose potential are measured is in the orchestra, both in-band, both in jazz bands. In jazz music is the prince of tools, thanks to brilliant musicians like Benny Goodman. Happy Listening with Benny Goodman! 

The Laboratory Danzi Reeds products are coming from the Var region of France, home to the largest cultivation of bamboo in the world. Quality Arundo donax.
All materials do not contain chemical additives. The materials are imported into tubes of different diameters and in the laboratory are dissected, cut, handmade and with the help of small machines and hand tested by Danzi Master.

The laboratory

The laboratory Danzi sas was founded by the great professionalism of the Danzi Master (1st bassoon orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan) creating reeds, for bassoon, oboe and clarinet in b, and processing of logs for the reeds at the professional level. The Danzi teacher was the first professional musician of great level to create reeds and highly qualified field materials.

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