Danzi Reeds at Czech double reed symposium

Danzi Reeds at Czech double reed symposium
3 December 2018 Danzi Reeds

Danzi Reeds at Czech double reed symposium

Third year of the Czech double reed symposium, which is the biggest and significant meeting of oboists and bassoonists in central Europe, is going to take place in Prague, Czech republic on the 8th and 9th December 2018.

In this particular year there will be a national interpretation contest included.

The event will take place in  Rudolfinum-residential place of the Czech philharmonic orchestra, which is as well the main partner of the symposium. Many professional musicians, teachers, students and double reed funs will come to discover new trends, new models of the instruments and much needed accessories and you can take every kind of woodwind instruments (flute, clarinet, piccolo…) but focus on double reeds instruments ( bassoon, oboe ..)

There will also be an exhibition of articles and musical instruments, where you can find and buy the articles Danzi Reeds, such as our reeds for clarinet, reeds for bassoon and contrabassoon, reeds for oboe and all other articles Danzi.

The exhibition will traditionally take place in the most prestigious hall of Rudolfinum, which offers great space and prestige.

We will be glad if you come to visit us and participate in this exceptional exhibition in the heart of magical Prague.

In addition, we will have a double reed competition for young musicians.

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