Our History

Professionalism, experience and a lot of passion.

A long experience in the building of Reeds, Canes and Tubes.

Ovidio Danzi was able to achieve the best results thanks to his long-standing experience, which he gained during twenty-five years as a solo bassoon in the Teatro alla Scala Orchestra in Milan, as well as to his constant research about the physical and dynamic features of canes and the shape of reeds. These experiences led him to a reed production on a large scale. The quality of his products is renowned and appreciated by the best soloists and in the best orchestras in the world.

This enthusiastic and specialized research gave him the possibility to extend his interest to oboe reeds and, now, to clarinet reeds. A “Danzi” reed for clarinet has been designed, thanks to this multi-year research. The canes from the French region of Var, already used for bassoon and oboe reeds, have been employed for these reeds, which are able to fulfil the most sophisticated needs of the best instrumentalists, as well as the ones of the young and numerous clarinet students.

Ovidio Danzi Paola Frasson di Danzi Reeds insieme nella costruzione delle ance per fatto, oboe e clarinetto - Ovidio Danzi Paola Frasson from Danzi Reeds in the working and buiding of canes for bassoon, oboe and clarinet
Ovidio Danzi di Danzi Reeds, maestro nella costruzione di ance per fagotto, oboe e clarinetto - Ovidio Danzi from Danzi Reeds, master canes for bassoon, oboe and clarinet