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Alto Saxophone

The alto saxophone is considered the virtuous saxophone for excellence. Its expressiveness in the hands of a good instrumentalist is flexible, its agility is like that of flutes, besides being able to reach high intensity, its musical applications are manifold.

Origin of the name

It was invented by the Belgian Adolphe Sax in 1841 with the aim of bringing together brass and wood. Initially created for band use, it had a great success in jazz music for its expressive skills.

Use of the Alto Saxophone

Since 1846 the sax has had a huge expansion in many musical genres, thanks to the his qualities of expressiveness and ductility. It is present in almost all modern musical genres, although less in Rock and Roll and in the electronic music in general. Because of his recent invention, in classical music the saxophone is slightly penalized by the limited literature, but is nevertheless present in symphonic orchestras: Quadri di Esposizione by Mussorgskj orchestrated by Ravel, ect
Equipped with a powerful voice and great sound projection, the sax has a wide band echo, it is a lot employed in the US military bands, for this reason it was almost immediately present in the first jazz bands.