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Shaped Canes Bassoon


The bassoon reeds mod. Danzi are gouged, shaped and tempered bamboo woods.
They come from the Var region in France, from the Arundo Donax plant. This material does not contain any chemical additives.
These woods are manufactured entirely in the Danzi workshop. The wood is selected, gouged, profiled and shaped with shapes and tempras created by M° Ovidio Danzi. So that his product could be as personalised as possible, M° Danzi used diamond files to remodel previously existing shapes and pantographs, thus conferring unicity to the product.


They are used both by professional bassoonists and by students all over the world, that are able to build bassoon reeds by themselves.
Danzi Bassoon Canes
#Shaped and tempered 9,2 Danzi bassoon canes. These canes have the same features as the previous ones, they only differ by their dimension: in fact, the measure of the shape is by 2 thousands larger on all the cane shape than it is on Danzi 9,2.
#Hard, medium, soft bassoon canes with large shape to be moulded.
These woods have been previously manufactured, sectioned, gouged and shaped with a large shape, so that the bassoonist can manipulate these canes as he or she wishes. They are used by bassoonists who prefer the whole reed to have their personal shape.
#Hard, medium, soft gouged bassoon canes. These woods are manufactured in the Danzi workshop. Sectioned and gouged with several thicknesses and measures that range from 1,32/1,34 to 1,38/1,40 central measure, depending on the bassoonist’s request. The internal gouged manufacturing is similar to a lunette. All the material comes from Var, is natural and does not contain any chemical additive. They are used by those musicians who own small machines to temper canes and make personalised reeds.