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Basson Double Reeds


The bassoon reeds are formed by two shaped plates attached to one another and installed on a small tube (the crook). The player has to give the centre of oscillation for the plates by simultaneously holding them with his or her lips, which requires a higher tension from the mouth muscles, thus making the emission of sound harder.


Manufacture and measures of bassoon reeds. One of the parameters that distinguishes the reeds is their hardness (or strength), that is determined by the material used and by its thickness.

Danzi Bassoon Reeds

Here are our bassoon reeds:

#Professional hard reeds mod. Danzi have an intense corporeity and a resolute sound. It stands out among other instruments and it is their queen.
Its intense, warm, penetrating colour will exalt you. Recommended for professionals who love playing in an exalting and passionate way.
#Professional medium hard reeds mod. Danzi have as their peculiarity a rich, brilliant sound, with a great range of harmonics. Their sound improves with time and develops with the musician, both in its colour and in its emission fluidity. Recommended for those who play as a first basson in an orchestra or in a wind ensemble.
#Professional soft reeds mod.Danzi are characterised by their delicate, sweet sound with golden shades. They are especially used by those who play in instrumental bands of chamber music or as a first bassoon in a symphonic orchestra.
#Student bassoon reeds mod.Danzi are ready, easy, balanced reeds. They are used by students or by professionals who need to study for several hours. They have a fluid sound and a flowing sound intensity.
#Bassoon reeds mod. Danzi closed are pre-tied, ready to use reeds. They are ready to be cut on the edge and then shaped by the bassoonist on his or her own edge shaping machine. Alternatively, they can be shaped manually by the musician, with the use of a knife. They are used by those who have no time to build the reeds or by those who are yet not able to put them together.
#Professional 9,2 Danzi reeds have the same parameters as the above described reeds, but are slightly larger, by 2 thousandths, than the previous ones.