The Bassoon


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The Bassoon

The bassoon is a double reed musical wind instrument, where the reeds are placed one above the other; it belongs to the woodwind group, of which it is the baritone.  It is a double reed instrument, that is two pieces of processed bamboo wood tied together, of which the company ‘Danzi Reeds’ is a manufacturer. 

Reeds (professional hard mod. Danzi, professional medium hard mod. Danzi, professional soft mod. Danzi, Student reeds mod. Danzi, mod. Danzi closed reeds, professional 9,2 Danzi). 

Use of the bassoon

The timbre of the sound comes from the body of the wood: it is particular, full and dark. Its particular timbre is given by the double reed and by the length and consistence of the wood. 

It is a fundamental instrument in an orchestra, both as a bass and as a solo. It is used in baroque music, in classical music of the 19th century, in European music and in contemporary music. The bassoon has remarkable musical capabilities and is able to extend for three octaves and a half. It was used during the Baroque period, when Vivaldi composed as many as 39 concerts for this instrument. Here is an example by our friend Sergio Azzolini: